April 3-13, Belarus, Minsk!
$505,000 guarantee. 5* “Beijing” hotel, “Opera” casino.
Without the 13% tax, TV broadcasts, new tournaments and structures, smooth payouts in all the tournaments.
Record amounts of guarantees, 14 tournaments. The Russian-Turkish series. A travel passport is not needed.

Friends, this is the spring stage!

It is our pleasure to invite you to the new stage of the Russian Poker Tour in Minsk.
As usual, we revised the schedule, invented new tournaments, improved structures, added guaranteed prize money as well as introduced the changes asked for by participants, attracted new foreign partners, and strengthened cooperation with the online partner. In April, in Minsk, a very exciting and interesting stage will be held.

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Increased guaranteed prize money up to the record amount for Minsk — $505,000..

Even more TV broadcasts with showing open cards.

➤ Even brighter composition of participants. For the first time, a joint Russian-Turkish series takes place..

➤ The Highrollers Tournament with online support in the format of satellites and TV broadcasts.

Smooth payout structures in all the tournaments, no guaranteed prize money for winning the first places or imbalance in payouts.

➤ Even more online satellites; and problems with deposits on Vbet are fixed.

The RPT Superdealers Team — only the brightest and most professional dealers are retained, and new ones have been invited.

➤ The Rating Leadership Race for the past and forthcoming tournaments.

➤ 14 affordable and large-scale tournaments with buy-ins from $85 to $1,400.

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We decided to make the composition of participants in RPT even brighter and attracted the Turkish partners, a large company that organizes poker events all over Europe.
In Minsk, the RPT guests can be met, including the RPT spring 2009 stage winner — the player from Turkey, Kemal Sevavi, who received $50,000 for his win.

We thought it over and decided to further increase the guaranteed prize pool. Why? To attract even more foreign guests not yet familiar with RPT.
Each tournament is accompanied by its own guarantee. For example, in the Main Event, the guaranteed prize pool is $150,000. On top of it, there are 13 more tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $85 to $1,400.

We decided to maintain the glorious tradition of TV broadcasts from “Opera”. The tournaments scheduled for April will be accompanied by a live broadcast with comments and showing open cards. Let your friends and acquaintances watch your game live. To carry the Main Event bowl and become the RPT champion in front of the cameras — it’s the reality now! Apart from the main event, a TV broadcast will also cover the Highrollers tournament.
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9 out of 14 tournaments, including the opening tournament, will take place in the favorite Progressive knockout format, with each of which having its own guarantee. The ‘progressive’ format, as we can see, becomes increasingly popular, and we decided to keep it for all the knockout tournaments. Progressive knockout tournaments address the main disadvantage of classic knockout tournaments that is a relatively small prize pool due to knockouts; now, at the final stage of the tournament, you can knock out a competitor and receive an amount comparable to top winnings because at the final stages, the bounties for competitors ‘increase progressively’.

We decided to extend the unique promotion for cash players in this series; all cash game participants, including $1/3 limit participants, can get free accommodation in Minsk. Given the large group of Turkish visitors, it can be said for sure that Minsk has not experienced such a cash game before.

If you have already been to RPT, then you should know that at the Russian Poker Tour series, in addition to poker, we will ‘enjoy ourselves’ in nightclubs, sing karaoke, drive go-karts, and play football and mafia. Our guests come not only for the sake of excellent poker tournaments but also for having good rest and time, which is guaranteed.

In the latest RPT series in Minsk, our Vbet partners had trouble accepting deposits from Russia. Now, the problems have been solved; online satellites will start well before the series, and we are sure that Vbet will draw the maximum number of tickets and packages. Winning a package with accommodation or a ticket to a tournament is much easier on Vbet because many satellites generate expected overlays and, therefore, the chances of players are even higher. Don’t miss out on this opportunity given by our online partner! Online satellites will take place at three tournaments: Progressive Knockout Championship, Main Event (Day 3), and Highrollers tournament. Follow this link vbet32.com to register and access Vbet.

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The spring RPT stage will be hosted by the “Opera” casino located in the posh “Beijing” hotel. Guests of the April stage will be able to stay at the 5* “Beijing” hotel using special RPT discounts. The cost of a standard double room is $89/day.

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Also, guests can stay at the nearby “Willing” hotel; the price of a double room is $54.
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Due to numerous foreign guests, as the series draws closer, “Beijing” and “Willing” will be fully booked; so, book your room in advance to ensure a guaranteed check-in to these hotels.
Booking number +7-495-773-79-71 Viber Whats’app

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The conditions are simple:
You play: 5 hours/day.
You get:
• With the limit of $1/3 — accommodation in the “Willing” hotel — 2 participants in the room.
• With the limit of $5/5 — accommodation in the “Willing” hotel — 1 participant in the room,
or in the “Beijing” hotel — 2 participants in the room.
• With the limit of $5/10 — accommodation in the “Beijing” hotel — 1 participant in the room.
*The minimum duration of the cash promotion is 3 nights.
*The number of rooms is limited.


PACKAGE #1 — $575
— Buy-in to Progressive Knockout Championship.
— Buy-in to Superstack Event (Day 1).
— 4-night stay at the “Willing” hotel.
*If staying at the “Beijing” hotel — $716

PACKAGE #2 — $940
— Buy-in to Progressive Superknockout Event.
— Buy-in to RPT Main Event (Day 2).
— 5-night stay at the “Willing” hotel.
*If staying at the “Beijing” hotel, the price is $1,115

PACKAGE #3 — $4,590 (buy-ins for $4,430) — accommodation at discounted rates
— Buy-in to Superstack Event (Day 2).
— Buy-in to Academy Poker Championship.
— Buy-in to Under Pressure Event.
— Buy-in to Turkish Rounders Cup.
— Buy-in to Progressive Superknockout Event.
— Buy-in to Main Event (Day 3A).
— Buy-in to Highrollers Event (Day 1A).
— Buy-in to Monster Event.
— Buy-in to Superstack Progressive Event.
— 8-night stay at the “Willing” hotel.

*If staying at the “Beijing” hotel, the price is $4,750

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* Important information every participant should know!
— According to the laws of the Republic of Belarus, only persons aged 21+ years holding a valid passport are allowed admission into casinos.
A 13% tax on prize money is NOT applicable as all the tournaments will be held in the casino.
— Prize money payouts are only possible upon presentation of a passport!
— The official language at the series is Russian.
— The tickets repeatedly won in online satellites can be used as tournament money at the series.
— Buy-ins into the tournaments are shown in US dollars.

The RPT in:
+7-495-773-79-71 Viber Whats’app Telegram