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► RPT MAIN EVENT $85/175/720. $150.000 guarantee.
Stack of 10,000/20,000/100,000, the levels of 15/20/40/45, and 60 minutes.
We continue to experiment with the main tournament format. The affordable main event format represents, as usual, 3 stages. But from Day 1 and 2, participants pass directly to the final Day 3, with their stacks preserved. On Day 1, for $85, participants play up to 10% and pass directly to Day 3, with the stacks pooled (and not to Day 2, the way it was before). On Day 2, the entry fee is $175; 20% of participants pass to the final Day 3, with the stacks pooled, or enter directly for $720. Thanks to this format, we are going to beat the record in the prize pool amount of the main tournament. Last spring, the prize pool in this tournament exceeded $200,000. It is now even simpler and more exciting to participate in the main tournament. Online satellites on Vbet are held for Stage 3, with an entry fee of $720. Not only tickets but also packages with accommodation are drawn.

The two-day opening tournament in the progressive knockout format with an excellent structure, a modest buy-in of $170, and not the most modest guarantee — an excellent warm-up event at the start of the series. Please note that each starting flight is played up to prize money (around 13%), so you can play in multiple flights and collect bounties/get to prizes a few times and, once there, choose a bigger stack to continue playing. At the November stage, about 350 entries participated in this tournament.

SUPERSTACK EVENT $190/490. $60,000 guarantee.
The affordable tournament, the big prize pool, and the excellent structure. Stack of 20,000 on starting entry days, 100,000 on a combined day, the levels of 20, 25, and 40 minutes. The universal multi-day event. At the June stage, Vadim Lipovka, who received $25,000 for his win, was the winner of this tournament.

PROGRESSIVE SUPERKNOCKOUT EVENT $260+240. $30,000 guarantee.
Stack of 25,000; 30 and 40-minute levels.
One of the most popular side events — a super knockout in the progressive format. We changed the amount that ‘goes to bounty’ and increased the tournament guarantee; the prize pool becomes now even more attractive.

HIGHROLLERS EVENT $1,400. $50,000 guarantee.
Stack of 50,000, the levels of 40 and 45 minutes.
We decided to restore the Highrollers tournament in the RPT schedule upon request of Turkish guests of the series. The final table of this tournament will take place with a TV broadcast. Vbet will hold online satellites with guaranteed tickets and packages. There will be enough qualifiers run directly on site. The Highrollers tournament can be played in parallel with the main tournament, without worrying about overlaps.

Stack of 20,000. 30-minute levels.
One of the most popular tournaments within RPT for the people maximally immune against ‘external distractors’. In April, it will take place in a two-day format and with a double guarantee; the tournament itself will be in progressive knockout and IronMan formats, without any breaks up to the final table. And lastly, the most important ‘chip’ — the final table will be held at a special, extremely ‘busy’ place. If you are not ready to play ‘under pressure’, it is better to refrain from participating in this event.

TURKISH ROUNDERS CUP $400. $25,000 guarantee.
Stack of 25,000. 30-minute levels.
The specialty tournament of our Turkish partners. Deep stack and smooth levels are what is needed to showcase your poker skill.

TURBO PROGRESSIVE MAIN EVENT $720. $25,000 guarantee.
Stack of 50,000. 25-minute levels.
On the last day of the series, there will be a special turbo version of the main tournament in the ‘Progressive knockout’ format. A great opportunity to get to prizes in the last major tournament of the spring series.

► MONSTER EVENT $250. $12,000 guarantee.
Stack of 50,000, 20-minute levels.
The tournament in this format has been an integral part of the Russian Poker Tour schedule for a few seasons in a row. The Monster Event is an ‘improved’ version of the classic Turbo Deepstack format with more than double starting stack; it will be a great choice for those who had bad luck in the main tournament.

Stack of 20,000. 20-minute levels.
We continue making the tournament interesting for beginners and those who just have debuted in poker. The affordable buy-in, the interesting format — a great opportunity to touch the world of poker and be imbued with its atmosphere.

Stack of 30,000. 20-minute levels.
The tournament which closes the April stage. The classic knockout tournament in the ‘progressive’ format, of course. The last day of the series, the relaxed and pleasant environment, and the struggle for the remaining champion trophy. ⠀

OMAHA PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT EVENT $140+80. $6,000 guarantee.
Stack of 20,000. 30-minute levels.
Into the April schedule, we managed to paste two Omaha tournaments in the best, in our opinion, format — progressive knockout. Affordable entry fee and interesting structure.

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