Tournament structures: RPT_Minsk_November_2019_Structure

RPT MAIN EVENT $75/255/720. Guarantee of $150,000.
The stack of 10,000/2,000/100,000, the levels of 15/20/40/45 and 60 minutes. An affordable format of the main event which has 3 phases. Day 1, the entry fee of $75, 25% of participants qualify for Day 2, the entry fee of $255, 30% of participants qualify for Day 3 with the entry fee of $720. Thanks to this format, more new players can participate in the main RPT event. At the March stage, the prize pool of the main tournament was over $200,000, and the player from Turkey Kemal Sevavi was the winner. The online satellites on Vbet are held for phase 3, with the entry fee of $720.

PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP $70+$80. Guarantee of $30,000.
A two-day opening tournament in the progressive knockout format with a smooth structure. A modest buy-in of $150 and a not very modest guarantee make up a great warm-up event at the start of the series.

SUPERSTACK EVENT $200/490. Guarantee of $50,000.
An affordable tournament with big prize money and an excellent structure. The stack of 20,000 on starting entry days, of 80,000 on a combined day ^ 30 and 40-minute levels. A universal multi-day tournament. At the June stage, Vadim Lipovka was the winner of this tournament and received $25,000 for his victory.

DREAM TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP $300. Guarantee of $15,000.
A tournament in which team spirit and ability to work to play in a pair is key to victory. An exciting format and action are guaranteed up until the winner is determined. The team tournament structure will be posted soon.

One of the most popular tournaments within the RPT for people who are maximally impervious to ‘external distractions’. Firstly, it will be conducted in the progressive knockout format. Secondly, the tournament will have the IronMan format without any breaks until the final table. And lastly, the most important ‘feature’ is that the final table will be held in the special, ‘busiest’ place. If you aren’t ready to play ‘under pressure’, it’s better to refrain from participating in this event.

RUSSIAN DEEPSTACK OPEN $450. Guarantee of $25.000.
The stack of 40,000. 30-minute levels. A deep stack and smooth levels are what is needed to showcase your poker skill. The final table of this tournament will take place the following day.

PROGRESSIVE SUPERKNOCKOUT EVENT $260+240. Guarantee of $25.000.
The stack of 25,000; 30 and 40-minute levels. One of the most popular side events is the super-knockout also held in the progressive format now, where every player ‘knocked out’ by you will bring a bounty of at least $120.

GRAND PROGRESSIVE EVENT $120/80 / $340/160. Guarantee of $25.000.
The stack of 20,000/100,000; 20 and 40-minute levels. A relatively ‘expensive’ tournament with sizeable prize money which you can enter for the affordable $200 (on Day 1) as well as on Day 2 with a buy-in of $500.

MONSTER EVENT $300 (10%). Guarantee of $15.000.
The stack of 50,000; 20-minute levels. The tournament in this format has been an integral part of the Russian Poker Tour schedule for a few seasons in a row. In essence, the Monster Event is an ‘improved’ version of the classic Turbo Deepstack format with a starting stack which is more than twice as high.

The stack of 15,000; 30-minute levels. It’s the tournament which closes the November stage. A classic knockout tournament in the progressive format, of course. The last day of the series, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and the struggle for the remaining champion trophy.


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