Online satellites on Vbet represent an excellent opportunity to qualify for the Russian Poker Tour tournaments cheaply. Starting March 2nd, many satellites and steps tournaments are held on the website of our partner poker room.

билеты и пакеты рпт eng

Within each RPT series, our partners draw tickets and packages for the series. In addition to the tickets, in the online satellites, you can win packages with accommodation and buy-ins. The satellites have huge overlays meaning that there is always a great chance to cheaply qualify for the most prestigious tournaments of the series.

And the upcoming series, which will take place from April 3nd to April 13th in Minsk, is not an exception. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity given by our online partner!

The satellites will be held for three tournaments: Progressive Knockout Championship, Main Event (Day 3) and tournament HighRollers Event for which you can qualify starting with freerolls. Especially for our players from Russia, we would like to remind that it’s better to access the website via

* Important information every participant should know!

  •  According to the laws of the Republic of Belarus, only persons aged 21+ years holding a valid passport are allowed admission into casinos.
  • A 13% tax on prize money is NOT applicable as all the tournaments will be held in the casino.
  • Prize money payouts are only possible upon presentation of a passport!
  • The official language at the series is Russian.
  • The tickets repeatedly won in online satellites can be used as tournament money at the series.
  • Buy-ins into the tournaments are shown in US dollars.

See the schedule and choose the tournaments you like. We’re confident that the upcoming stage will be really ‘hot’.

Go qualify on Vbet, and maybe it’s you who will win the title of the RPT champion!