What’s the Russian Poker Tour?
The Russian Poker Tour is a large-scale series of live poker tournaments in the CIS. Each stage of the series is held in different CIS cities and outside them. Within each stage, many diverse tournaments are organized with various entry fees (buy-ins), structures, and prize pools. The annual Russian Poker Tour series is taking place for the 10th time now and has by right deserved love and respect among poker fans from all over the CIS.
When and where will the next Vbet RPT stage take place?
The Vbet Russian Poker Tour will be held in Minsk on November 2-11, in the “Opera” casino. The address is 36, Krasnoarmeyskaya Street.
Where are the satellites for the series in Minsk on November 2-11 held?
Online satellites are only available on the website of the official partner of the Russian Vbet series — www.vbet.com
May I come on any day during the tournament?
Yes, you certainly can. You don't have to arrive on the first day and leave on the last day. Come for the tournament in which are going to play. Please see the schedule.
How can I pay an entry fee for a tournament (a buy-in)?
An entry fee is paid during the registration for a tournament. No need to pay it in advance.
How much money do I need to have for participating in the RPT?
The RPT tournaments are famous for the variety of buy-ins where a poker amateur, even with a modest bankroll, will always find an interesting game for himself. Additional information is provided in the schedule.
How to become a participant of a tournament within the RPT?
By registering directly at the tournament and paying the required entry fee.
Do I have to register for the tournaments in advance?
No, you don't have to. The registration for any RPT tournament usually begins an hour before the actual start of the tournament.
Who may participate in the Russian Poker Tour?
Everyone who has reached the age of 21 may participate. The tournaments are open.
What kind of entertainment program is planned for the series?
The Russian Poker Tour is not just poker. Ask any of our regular guests what, besides poker, the RPT is famous for? The answer will not be long in coming — it's our traditional parties, the karaoke battle, mafia, the FIFA 19 championship on the Sony PlayStation, and that's not all. Because you know, the organizers come up with many ideas during the series.
May I just come to the tournament and see?
The RPT series tournaments are open, and anyone who is 21 years old and so desires may come even with friends. The only requirement is not to distract players.
How and when are the prize money paid to winners?
The prize money will be paid in cash, immediately after the win.
How much money do I need to have for playing in the Main Event of the series?
Prior to the RPT MAIN EVENT, there are Stage tournaments in which the entry fees are of $75 and $255; also, you can take part in Day 1А, Day 1В, and Day 2 directly by paying an entry fee of $720.
Is it possible to make a cashless buy-in payment?
All the buy-ins to the tournaments held within the Vbet Russian Poker Tour are paid in cash. The same concerns prize money payouts.
How much is the RPT tournament fee?
The tournament fee is 10%. All the guarantees in our tournaments include a 5% service fee and bounty prizes as well as other expenses (3% are charged to cover operating costs, except for the Main Event).
Will there be packages for this series?
For guests of the RPT series, the available packages include a discount. For more information, please consult the “Packages” tab.
May I bring my fans with me?
Of course, you may bring your fans with you. But they will be allowed watching the game from the outside, further away from the game tables.